Wow, just realized how long its been since I’ve posted. I think this is the longest since I started the blog. Works been busy, leaving little time to blog. However, I have been working on my XML parser with the little free time I have (obviously I’m not blogging).

Since last post, I managed to clean up the nokogiri XML parsing. Really, what I ended up doing is writing a before_save callback which caches the upload, parses necessary information and saves to db, then uploads the original XML file to AWS S3.

I used to have a form where a user would enter particulars about a specific recipe that they are uploading, but now that is extracted from the XML and there is no need for the form, just a simple file attachment.

Also, I spent some time with search. I want a simple way to comb through the list of recipes. I decided to give the gem chewy a shot which is a ActiveRecord ORM style wrapper which uses elasticsearch. I got it up and running, but haven’t spent a lot of time configuring it. I’ll need to spend some more time really getting my head around it.

Finally, I will hopefully have a really good post in a couple of weeks. I’ve been working on deploying this recipe app manually. i.e no heroku. This involves setting up my cloud servers, configuring…Making sure everything is playing nice. I am using a tiny AWS EC2 instance for now.

Ultimately, there is a lot to this, tools like chef and capistrano can help. I have already spent a bunch of time tinkering with my server…apt-getting pretty much everything, wasting lots of time not getting anywhere. I found a good leanpub book which I am going though which will hopefully help out. check it here.

Why do I want to do this? Well, ultimately since I started working at my new job. I’ve been slightly involved in messing around with our rackspace servers, both physical and virtual..In the PHP world it seems server admin is just part of the job. While, with rails a lot of times you’ll just use PaaS like heroku to basically automate the whole process for you.

Short story, I am a tinkerer.. I like knowing what is happening behind the scenes and having ultimate control of how my production environment is configured.

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