So, as I mentioned in my last post I recently started working again, Yay! It’s only been a few days at my new job, so far so good. There is quite a bit to wrap my head around, which I expected. It’s amazing how much much there is to learn when working with a unfamiliar codebase.

For me there are a couple of hurdles. The first I briefly mentioned above, essentially I am working with a codebase that was built around 15 years ago. It’s a custom built CMS written in PHP. This brings me to the second hurdle…PHP. I’ve been spending all my time practicing ruby/rails and essentially no time with PHP (aside from a little in college 10yrs ago).

Between the new codebase and new language it’s been tough. Not overly difficult, but slow. I am able to work though the class structure and dig my way around until I find a particular function or variable and go from there. It’s interesting I like it. For some reason, maybe the syntax reminds me a lot of javascript.

One of the things that has been the most interesting is just the general dev process. I would definitely say it’s a little looser that the rails practices I’ve been following, but not in a bad way, just different.

Basically we have a local dev server hosting pretty much every site we’ve built. We can SSH in and work with the the individual sites in dev then using subversion it can be pushed up into production. So far subversion has been kinda like git.

There seems to be quite a bit to learn on the server and hosting side of things. With rails we’re not really dealing with that…Push to heroku and call it good (in my experience). The hosting side of things is very interesting as well. While it’s definitely not my strong suit I’m excited to learn. There are multiple physical servers along with many virtual servers. We’re using varnish caching in front of the server which in and of itself will be interesting to dig into if possible.

Anyway, that’s what’s up. Lots of learning, getting back into the swing of things..No more 8 hour days of messing around on personal projects..oh well.

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