So I officially begin my new career next week! It actually doesn’t really feel real, I’m sure that will change once I am actually working. However, I will say I feel fortunate on how the process went overall and where I have ended up.

I started looking for work seriously in the beginning of March(2015). I really preferred to focus locally, which I did, although there were many more rails jobs up in the Boston area that I didn’t even apply too. So all said and done I probably sent out about 8 resumes, and interviewed at 4 of the 8. I will say that two of the four were actually companies where I had met someone at a local meetup or tech event.

As for the job I took, I’m actually really excited. I think it will be challenging for me which is great, and also aligns well with the kind of work I want to be doing. We’re about to take on a large rails project that will need a major overhaul, and then possibly adapt it to a SaaS product. Also, there is a bunch of PHP products the company has. Needless to say, I’ve been a PHP maniac all week.

My plan moving forward, keep coding, keep getting better. I’m going to focus on PHP for a bit to wrap my head around it. Also, I want to get back to some of the javaScript stuff I’ve been messing around with. I’m really interested in node and angular.

Sorry for the short post..Busy, busy.

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