OOD in Ruby

I’ve still been working on my Rails API project, although admittedly progress has been slow. I feel I’ve basically entered the busiest time since I began this journey. When it’s said job hunting is basically a full time job, that’s the truth.

So, anyway because of this I haven’t been able to get as much coding in as usual. What have I been doing? Well, reading of course. Late night sessions with Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby.

I actually read this book cover to cover when I first started working with ruby. Needless to say much of it was over my head. I’m happy now going back reading, working through some of the examples that I definitely understand what’s going on. This is a great book, packed with tons of information.

Reading this book makes you want to be a better programmer. It’s crazy to see the amount of thought that is behind every object. While you can create classes and build objects that work perfectly fine today, how well will they scale? Does it matter? etc. This book really opens up a discussion about every line of code you write.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is writing code that not only functions well, but does so in the best possible way.

Enough of a rant on that, game plan moving forward with the time available…Finish up the back end API on my project (almost done)..Implement the front end, most likely ember or possible angular. After that, just keep getting better! :) (trying my best)

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