On Track

Wow, where do I begin. This is one of those few times where I feel there are a million things I could write about. Sometimes, ill struggle a bit before deciding on a topic but not this week. Job hunt is going well (so far) but what I am really excited about is the new project I am working on.

So, for a while now I’ve wanted to build this project I was thinking about but hadn’t really got it going for a couple of reasons.

  • I was working on code union projects.
  • I have a hard time envisioning this project on any other platform other than mobile. Although, I think it can and will have a web aspect but that will be secondary.

Now that I have some more time..(it’s all relative), I can focus on this project. I’m not going to spoil what the project is quite yet. I think I’ll end up doing a few posts about it here moving forward..Yippee!

Here’s what I can tell you:

  • The back-end is a rails API.
  • The primary consumer of said API will be a iOS…How I will build that I have no idea. But am excited to find out.
  • The front end (last thing to be built) will be built using ember.js.

So, why am I so excited about this. Well, even if the idea isn’t great for the app I get to get my hands dirty with some new tools I have yet to use. I’ve done very little with rails in terms of architecting an API. I have added the odd endpoint here and there, but that’s really it. Also, it makes a lot of sense to me to build an API, then in the future it’s so much easier connecting to other services and scaling in the future.

As for iOS, I am obviously not to that stage of development yet. However, I have always wanted to mess around with Xcode and swift, now is as good a time as any. I can see this part possibly being the most difficult but well see. First, I am focusing on a stable tested API and we’ll go from there.

Finally, I’ll implement a basic client side ember app that can consume the REST API.

So, here’s were I am at:

I chose to use the rails-api gem along with active model serializers as the primary pieces to my API. I have mapped out my endpoints for the most part written my first request spec and began modeling users. Also, I went ahead and got ember-cli setup (because I was overly excited). I just wanted to make sure I could connect to the API and that good stuff.

So, moving forward I think I’ll write a few post about this project. I think it’s going to be a fun one. I have already ran into a bunch of “speed-bumps” along the way so far. I find that great actually, it gives me opportunities to dig a little deeper and learn more. I’ve got a good list going of some fun things I’ve learned and I’ll be sure to do a quick post here and there with those.

Sorry, no fun pictures this time..

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