New year - Projects in gear

Happy New Year! Sorry for the lame title, I couldn’t resist. I’ve actually been getting quite a bit done with my brew day app. I wanted to give it a better landing page so worked on that for a while. Here is the result.


Overall, honestly it was a total pain to get the new landing page setup. I had tons of css issues with my custom style playing nice with the bootstrap style. You can’t see from that screen shot, but if you scroll down a little you can see I moved the gmap I had embedded. I plan to keep to add other sections to the landing page as features are added.


At some point I want to add a feature where by clicking the marker on the map you’ll be taken to the users profile.

Also, I took some time to modify this blog site..Well, not so much the blog itself but the about me section with a couple of projects etc. I really need to focus on some of my projects, I have been learning a ton building brew day even if the idea is crazy it’s just fun to make.

At the same time I have been catching up on Beginning Rails 4 which has mixed reviews but I have found it great. Learning now more about default scope and named scope within models. This, will definitely help me do some cool things within my app. What I really like about following a book like this after I figure something out, I can check in the book to see if there is a “better” way or maybe I should say “simpler”.

That’s about it for now, can’t wait starting my code union professional engineering workshop in a couple weeks. I’ll be sure to post and let everyone know how it’s going.

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