Building a Gem

So one of my other hobbies, besides brewing beer is sailing. I grew up on the water and was fortunate enough to have friends with boats. After college my wife and I also bought a small sailboat and sailed it down to the caribbean for the winter. Anyway, I quickly grew passionate about boats and their design.

Long story short, I was looking for a gem that would provide the formula for some of these sailboat design ratios. These can be useful when comparing similar boats. I couldn’t find one so I decided to build one which I plan to use in a future project.

Getting started was simple as I already had bundler installed. All I needed to do was tell bundler. (sailcalc is the gem name I built)

$ bundle gem sailcalc

Once completed you will have a new directory for your gem along with associated files. I started by first modifying the .gemspec file. It’s this file in which you define the name, authors, dependencies etc. Given that I have been practicing TDD all I did was add a development dependency for rspec and change some of the naming.

Inside your lib/ directory is where most your code will end up. There is also a file for versioning inside lib/<gemname>/version.rb

My gem is fairly straight forward, I changed from the “default” module provided to a class, and basically after writing my tests wrote out my class methods for the different ratios. The reason I changed from a module to class was I figured at some point myself or someone else may want to modify the code so a instance of the class could be created.

One thing I would definitely recommend doing is to test your gem locally before publishing. To do this you can run gem build, with the name of your gemspec file. Like so:

$ gem build sailcalc.gemspec
Successfully built RubyGem
Name: sailcalc
Version: 0.0.0
File: sailcalc-0.0.0.gem

You’ll notice the gem appear in the root of your project, after that all you have to do is install.

$ gem install ./sailcalc-0.0.0.gem
Successfully installed sailcalc-0.0.0
1 gem installed

Then just fire up irb, require your gem which should return true, and you’re good to test it out.

As for publishing, that was a little tricky for me, I have some issues getting my computer setup with my RubyGems account. However, once this was sorted it was just a simple:

$ gem push sailcalc-0.0.0.gem
Pushing gem to…
Successfully registered gem: sailcalc (0.0.0)

Overall, it was a pretty easy process…The gem has been up for about 24hrs now and it’s had around 50 downloads. I was hoping just one person may find it useful, so thats a bonus. I plan to add some more formulas to it and improve the tests, but for now it will do. Check it out here - sailcalc.

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