Lots has been happening here as we’re nearing the holidays. In fact, it has been pretty hectic. I have been helping a friend out doing some solar work on the side here and there so the past couple weeks i’ve only been getting in around 10/hrs or so.

I feel like I am just about to the point where I am going to start sending out some resumes and see where that takes me. I need to spend some more time finishing up a couple of personal rails projects first to have up as part of my portfolio. The other thing, I am super excited about is starting the codeunion professional engineering workshop that I enrolled in. I spoke with Jesse one of the founders and we did a short pairing session to get a feel for the workshop and see how things worked. We discussed blocks and the yield statement and went on to make some of our own methods. This was super helpful and Jesse did an awesome job explaining and working with me throughout the process.

It’s crazy how much I find I want to learn, I’ve had to slow myself down in terms of trying different languages, frameworks etc. I’m now strictly focused on ruby + rails and javascript. It’s been fun now that I have a much better understanding of the ruby language to work in javascript and solve the same problems.

Sorry for the slow posts, i’ll definitely be stepping up my game after the holidays!

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