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Again, its been a while. I really don’t have many good excuses for my lack of posts, or lack of coding for that matter. Truth is, last month I averaged around 8-10hrs a week vs my typical 20hrs. Aside from the fact my wife and I along with our 20 month old son have been living with her parents while we try and sell our house in Maine. As you may have guessed, this situation is less than ideal.

I found once we moved back to RI, my time spent coding really took a hit. However, a few things have happened here in the last week that I think will really help out…First, my wifes parents left to head to thier winter house so they are officially out of our hair until June. Second, things are looking good with the sale of our house as an added bonus. I feel out of my routine with all the distractions here, I think now that were back to semi-normal living conditions ill be able to put the hammer down and get back to my 20/hrs.

Also, I finally got my new MBP setup how I want it…I think. Was introduced to Vim and as complicated as it looked to me at first, I am really happy with it. I’ve been using tmux to have different panes/windows and running Vim. I am definitely still getting used to it, but I can totally see the productivity benefits. Here’s what it looks like..

Dev env

Not bad, what I really like with tmux is how easy it is to setup panes and reconfigure. I’m still playing around with what I like most in terms of screen real estate etc.

The other thing i’ve been working on all month is a blog site, i’ve been following along with the book “Beginning Rails 4” which has been great and very in-depth. I actually plan to read it again while taking notes, I know there is still a ton I have to learn with rails. I’ve focused so much on ruby I really need to catch up.

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