Weekend Fun

Well, either Jekyll ate my last blog post or I screwed something up. Most likely the latter. I started writing about some issues I was having understanding proc’s but apparently that post will have to wait.

The cool thing is this weekend the Burlington Ruby Conference is happening. This will actually be my first ruby/programming event of any kind. It’s strange, when I was living up in Maine there was basically nothing in terms of meet ups etc. Now that I’m south in RI, there are quite a few in Providence and tons up in Boston that I am going to start going to.

I think networking is definitely one of those things that I need to work on. I actually am very easy to have a conversation with, but I seem to struggle as the guy who starts them. I’m determined to change this and hopefully at this event I don’t drive everyone nuts. I will definitely keep everyone posted as to how it went…Can’t wait!

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