Still Here

Wow! Totally intense couple of weeks. Needless to say we have moved 300 miles south and are now based in Rhode Island. Working on getting the house up in Maine sold hopefully! I started a new job last week which is going to require quite a bit of traveling (locally), so I am adjusting to that. Enough with the personal saga…

My coding has been suffering quite a bit. I think in the last 2 weeks i’ve put in around 8 hrs total, compared to the 20 or so per week I was doing prior. Good news is…I’m back at it! The past couple of nights I have been working on getting my new jekyll blog up. I had a nice one going then decided to change the theme. I also had to manually transfer all my posts over from blogger which was a pain. Overall I think I’m going to like blogging with jekyll and github pages. I had some domain issues but worked those out without much issue.

Now that the blog is done (well kinda done), I can focus back on my ruby and different rails projects. I need to get hartl’s tutorial finished I am about 80% complete. I have a personal project I would like to get going as well. I need to sit and spend some time drawing out how I want the pages to flow and also the db relationships.

That’s about it for now, I promise to get back on the ball with posting and actually post something people find interesting!

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