Been cranking along here, all sorts of stuff is happening. I am slowly working on building a new blog with Jekyll, at the same time I have been getting sucked in with exercism.io. Overall, so far (still early) I am super impressed. In fact, I will venture to say that ive learned more in a couple nights than I have in an entire week…Let me explain.

Well first you have to install exercism. This was not an easy task for me, it probably should have been. First, you need to install the cli.

 $ curl -s http://cli.exercism.io/install | sh  

Okay, so now a directory ‘bin’ is created in your home directory. Inside you will find the exercism executable. Now, this is where I screwed up. I could not figure out how to “execute” the executable. Finally I figured out if I am in the bin directory and enter:

 $ ./exercism 

This executes and shows me all the options for running exercism. Great! Now I start working on some ruby examples and try and run exercism…no go. Basically, I had not put the location of the exercism executable in my path. Essentially, bash doesn’t know where to look to find the exercism executable. Simple, add the path of the executable to your .bashrc file (for me, yours may be different).

 $ export PATH="/home/trevor/bin:$PATH"

After you do that, you should be able to be in any directory and run exercism..Simple as that! It actually really is, I think it was my lack of linux knowledge that dragged out this process.

So once your install is all squared away, you’ll download the exercises through exercism and get to work. All the exercises come with a test suite and all you have to do is upload the exercise once you get the tests to pass. The great thing about it is the feedback, so far all the feedback I’ve gotten has been very helpful and it’s the kind of feedback that makes you do the work to find a better way. You can re-factor up to 5 times I believe and resubmit for more feedback. I was able to get a script down from around 25 lines to 5! great stuff.

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