Day off

I finally got my laptop back. I visiting family out of state and happened to leave it behind (long story), anyway, I had them pack pack it up and send it up to me here in Maine. So, it should have taken a day but that quickly turned into three. I was unable to sign for the package and they wouldn’t leave it without a signature. I even spent a couple of hours stalking the fedEx guy when I happen to catch him driving away while I was at work. Bottom line is I have it back now and can back to work.

I suppose if there was a positive to take out of my missing laptop saga was that I was able to spend some time on a old windows computer working on some projects through cloud 9 . I’m not sure where or who mentioned cloud 9 to me, but now that I’ve used it a little I must say it’s pretty nice. I like that if you sign in though github you have access to any of your repositories. Basically, you clone a remote repository then your all set, do some work and push it back up to github. It seems like it would also be great for pair programming, you can send someone a direct link and then both can edit the same file at the same time…interesting..we’ll see how that goes here soon enough.

Mostly my evenings have been filled with either the hartl tutorial or just some random ruby exercises. I’ve been spending a lot more time trying to wrap my head around class variables, instance variables attr_reader/writer/accessor etc. It’s definitely starting to make more sense but I need to just keep writing code to get it to sink in.

Well, off to Boston for a day trip with the fam…talk later.

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