On the road again

This weekend the family is headed down to Rhode Island to visit some family. I woke up extra early this AM to get my blog post up and also hopefully get my postgreSQL database going again. A while back I had made a test app and used postgreSQL for the start, which after some struggles getting setup actually worked fine. This is round two where I am attempting to convert an already built database to postgres…I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

I am almost done with the Hartl tutorial. There is something about that tutorial. I think it’ s great and full of information, but I find it hard for me to spend more than a couple of hours at a time on it. I feel like I start it, go though half a chapter or so and my brain starts to hurt so I need to work on some “lighter” coding. Nonetheless, I’ve learned a lot from it and will continue to do so.

Nice, good news…while I have been working on this post, I have actually been messing around with the db. I just ran a migration and looks like the tables etc all migrated over.

I need to create a user and make sure everything is working properly, but overall that wasn’t so bad. Really, all I did was add the pg gem, ran bundle install and changed my database.yml file. huh, who knew…almost seems too easy!

On another note, I have been speaking with a couple of people about pair programming. Something that I have not done yet, but definitely feel like it would be a great learning tool. Just working out the scheduling now, but looking forward to that in the next week or so.

Now, time to enjoy some family time!

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