Slow week

This past week has been one of my worst in terms of productivity. Basically, I only got in about half the time compared to my typical 20/hr week. What’s most frustrating is that I actually had the time, but just lacked the focus and motivation. I was out of town for 3 days for work, even thought I brought my laptop to do some coding I only cracked it open one night. As I saw myself falling behind, I kept telling myself I would “just make it up tomorrow”. Well, as you know this adds up quick and next thing I know I need to make up 10hrs in one day.

The week is over, and the new week has begun and it’s much better than last. I’ve still been working through the sample app from the rails tutorial. I also started reading though the tealeaf academy book. I am thinking about moving forward and doing tealeaf, at this point I have realized I definitely perform better with some structure and defined goals.

I also decided it would be a good time to look back on some of the issues I had in the past with some of the ruby stuff I was working on. I decided to look back on some odin project problem involving a caesar cipher. This may be fairly simple for most people, fact is I struggled with it for hours about a month ago before I gave up to move on to other things. This was not the case this time, I ended up figuring it out in about 3hrs (not to impressive) which im happy with, I am sure the code isn’t the most elegant, but definitely better than my blank page from a month ago. In the end, it confirms I am making progress which is awesome.

I apologize for slacking on the blog, i’ll definitely pick it up and try to get some more compelling content in here as well.

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