Here's what's up.

It’s been a few days since my last post. I find when I get really busy my blog is the first thing to slip to the back burner. It’s been about a six weeks since I started coding, I am currently up to 118hr and 8 minutes according to toggl.

Like I said, there’s a lot going on. Basically, we have just finished getting our house on the market and ready for sale. Needless to say, it’s been crazy getting everything put together for showing. So, if anyone is interested in a house on the beautiful Maine coast….let me know.

I have also been having a really hard time fining meetup’s or any kind of group get together pertaining to ruby/rails or any general hacking for that matter. Most the groups I’ve found locally (within 1.5hr drive) haven’t had a meeting in over 6 months. I am getting a little worried, I really want to get out into the community more and meet some people, share ideas, hack on a project…etc. Most likely I think I will start driving down to Boston for the ruby meetups there ( 3hr drive :( ), although I am sure well worth it.

As for projects, I have been working through Michael Hartl’s tutorial, which is great. I’m about half way thought. I think it definitely paid off doing the one month rails before I went on to try Hart’s tutorial, kind of eases you into it. I managed to get my dev environment setup with postgreSQL, that way apps pushed to heroku will have a matching database in development. Anyway, something I thought would be easy, not so much. In the end I managed to get it working 3hrs later.. Also, I have been mixing in some random ruby exercises, some from rubyoffrails and koans. So overall things are going well.

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