Moving along

Things have been going well, there is a lot happening on the home front right now but I have been managing to plug away on my one month rails pinteresting app. I am about 70% complete with the course and have just worked on creating the database relationships between users and pins. It feels good to finally get the database up and going in the development environment. I kind of feel like the database is sort of like the foundation on which everything is built. I know that’s actually not entirely true but that’s kind of how my mind has been seeing it. Here’s a screen cap of my pinteresting app. This probably looks very familiar to anyone who has done one month rails.

I decided last week to create another app at the same time I am working on my pinteresting app, mainly just to nail home what I’ve been learning with pinteresting but also try and add some more functionality. Basically I am creating an app called grainbill. It will allow home brewers to keep track of grain inventory (for now). I am shooting for super simple at first and then expand from there. I just want to create something of my own that is useful to me for now and add features as it progresses. There is similar stuff out there, I think this just helps me conceptualize everything.

I need to do some more front end work on the grainbill app, but I plan to push it to heroku soon, I’ll post a link when I do if anyone is interested.

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