Day: 27 -- A little bit of Rails

I’m amazed that it has already been 27 days since I started dedicating 20/hrs a week to web development, so far in particular ruby and rails. I am up to about 81hrs, not bad!

I find myself getting bored sometimes doing what ill call repetitive tasks. For instance, if I am working on some project euler problems I may work on one for what is entirely too long, make a note of it and go on to learning something else with the plan to come back to the problem. This is what brought me to one month rails.

I was definitely excited to finally build something. Basically, a few months back I had actually spent a little time with Michael Hartel’s rails tutorial. The tutorial was great, and I finished most of it but a lot of what I was working on seemed very in-depth and didn’t stick. I had heard really good things about one month rails, so I gave it a shot.

I have to admit, the course is great. Currently, I am about 10hrs into it. I must say it really nails home the point of how fast you could actually deploy a functional app. So far it’s been mostly building the landing page, along with a couple of other pages. The material is presented in a way that is very easy to understand and follow.

I plan on finishing the course, then I think I will probably try to build my own basic app, just to reinforce what I learned. Maybe try and spice it up a little more with bootstrap. Looking forward to it!

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