There are a lot of things going on here at home. We are in the process of trying to get our house ready to put on the market within the next couple of weeks. As the “handy-man” of the household I have a long list of projects to finish…(deck railing, light fixtures, crown molding) to name a few. It’s been a struggle trying to balance my 20hrs/wk of programming along with 40+ hour work week and having family time with my wife and young son.

I’m determined to persevere and was reminded today while doing some house projects one of the reasons I am doing this. A few times I found myself in a position trying to solve some random problem (compound miter angles). I would sit there, scratch my head…sit some more, scratch some more..test cut on a scrap piece until I got the angle I needed and I was good to go. Although, probably not the best example, this I’ve found is exactly like coding, you are faced with a problem, you evaluate, test and repeat until you (hopefully) solve the problem.

I grew up taking things apart and working with my hands, and in general I’ve been pretty good at it. So, last night when I was working on a rails project and ran into some issues I couldn’t figure out I began to get really frustrated. With carpentry, electrical, electronics…ill figure it out…with programming, maybe ill figure it out. I’ve realized as much as the problem may drive me crazy, it’s the gratification of solving these that keep me coming back. It’s like a viscous cycle, you struggle and struggle and finally solve a problem and it feels great, until your back struggling with a different problem.

Here’s the good news, I’ve found some problems that I used to struggle with are no longer problems and are now routine. Progress is being made…It’s the fact that when I am struggling, I am learning that I love. Oh, and for my rails problem, still haven’t figured it out, had to walk away for a bit but I will be sure to be asking questions tonight if I don’t figure it before then.

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