Signed up for my first ruby conference!

For a while now I have been trying to find some kind of ruby group where I can go meet some new people and learn new things. Unfortunately, every ruby group I can find within 100miles of me (midcoast, Maine) doesn’t have any upcoming events listed. This even included Boston which I am more than willing to drive down to check things out.

So, while looking for ruby groups I came across this great site: . I noticed that coming up in August was the Burlington, VT ruby conference. I checked out the site and watched some of last years speakers, I was in. I’m super excited to head to Burlington and see what I’ve been missing. If anyone is headed there let me know.

I’ve still been working on the odin project curriculum. I’ve been mainly focusing on their web-dev 101 stuff right now. I have already done some of the tutorials and projects on their ruby programming path. Currently I am working on SQL basics, brings back college memories as a MIS major I took some classes on database design. Not my favorite topic, but all part of creating dynamic sites.

I have been getting a decent amount of studying done keeping up with my 20/hrs a week goal. It’s amazing actually, if I really totaled up time spent reading web dev articles, blogging, reading some other CS books I am probably closer to 30 or so. Oh and I now have a twitter account to maintain..check it out @tlreiff

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