Codecademy HTML & CSS

Last night I almost finished the HTML & CSS track with codecademy. By the time the clock struck 1 A.M I realized the information was being absorbed as well as it should have so I stopped. So far, this has been a nice break from the ruby programming I was doing. The first part of the “track” went fairly quickly, especially if you have any experience with any kind of web design. It was a little reminiscent of some high school and college courses I’ve taken.

The course starts you off with the basics and quickly moves into lists, tables, divs, spans…etc. From there you jump into CSS along with classes and id’s and positioning. Granted, I am not done with the track yet (80%) complete but it has served me well as a good refresher into HTML and CSS.

I think sometimes it’s hard for me when I transition over to something like this codecademy HTML & CSS track. In a way sometimes it feels like your losing site of the goal (ruby development). In the end I know I am not and everything I learn is a benefit. I have to remind myself this is just a step in the right direction towards that goal.

I’m looking forward to my first google meetup with the odin project web development 101 group tonight. Following that tomorrow night I am participating in another meetup for the odin ruby newbies. Should be interesting, hopefully a little bouncing between HTML and ruby won’t set me back.

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