This past week, I have been mostly following along with Chris Pines Learn to Program book. One thing I need to keep telling myself is that this isn’t just going to be easy. There are some exercises at the end of each chapter and I have been doing them all….or at least attempting. I noticed myself staring at the computer thinking “How am I going to do that!” On a couple of the exercises I would stare at screen, type some code, stare…repeat..Anyway, I realized that looking for suggestions or asking for help isn’t a bad thing..I can be hard on myself thinking I need to know this without assistance.

In the end seeking that help, or looking at the way someone else solved a similar problem can teach you a lot. I think it’s important that you actually can read the code line by line and understand what he/she was trying to do. Without understanding and just blindly cutting/pasting or typing in the code will not get you anywhere.

On the bright side, I was proud of myself when working on the methods chapter we had to go back and modify the 99 bottles code we wrote previously but this time calling a method to do this. In the end, I was able to write the whole method without outside reference, run the program and what do you know, it worked! I went from something like 40 lines of code without the method to about 13 or so with the method. Pretty cool…

Also, something else that made my afternoon was seeking some help on stack overflow . I was running into an issue with the 99 bottles code where if I ran it with any number over 255 the most terminal would output was 255. We’re still working on figuring it out…any ideas? At the same time it’s a confidence booster when you feel ok to post your code for everyone to see and critique. its also nice to get more involved in the coding community.

Up to 9.25 hrs this week….It’s only just begun…

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