First Real Day

I would say today is the first “real” day of working on getting everything going with ruby and kind of evaluate where I am at. I was out of town for the weekend visiting family and promised I wouldn’t bring my computer along, hence why I’m calling it the first real day.

Anyway, tonight was a good night. I already had a head start, a while back I set up a Lenovo laptop I had laying around with Ubuntu 12.04. I was able to get RVM along with ruby and rails installed without to much of an issue. This is the second time I have set up ruby with Ubuntu, and I always seem to run into something. Typically, a quick google search points out the problem. I will be using Sublime text, which I’ve used before and that’s all set up ready to go..

I started off tonight working on Chris Pine’s “Learn to Program”. This a simple great basic ruby tutorial. I made it through flow control and feel I have a good grasp. I think some of the C# and Java from college days helped things go smoothly. The thing that I liked about tonight’s work was I found a couple of issues I had with string/integer conversion and I was able to work through logically without having to seek help elsewhere…Always a good feeling!

Back at it tomorrow!

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