Some people may wonder if I have any kind of experience with programming and what level I may be at. Long story short, I graduated college about 10 years ago with a B.S in M.I.S .. (don’t ask) .. Anyway, I dabbled as a CS major for a couple years before switching. I vaguely remember some Java programming and work with mySQL databases.

However, I always seem to find myself in front of the computer trying to code something. This has become something I really, really want to get good at. I’ve played around with the .NET framework (c#) and have had fun doing it. I’m really excited to get deeper into the ruby language and see what I can do.

With these posts, ill try to keep it relevant as not to bore you with other aspects of my life unrelated to coding. Also, I plan to post a couple of times a week and I will give a breakdown of where I am at and how things are progressing/not progressing.

Stay tuned!

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